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Quebec social orgs mapped

Quebec social orgs graphed



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The Федеральный (federal) has just one page with a collection of different tables

The Окружной (national regional) has eight main divisions, in our case, main region of Russia. Each main division has several tables and a listing of sub-regions within that region. Each sub-region has several tables within.

The Региональный (regional) has a list of sub-regions, sorted by national regions. They have the same properties as the level above, but contain a different level of government offices (see how confusing the system is!). Each sub-region has a list of tables within.

The Районный (city) level presents an alphabetical selection for the name of the city. This brings the user to a list of cities under that particular letter, each of which has a list of suburbs in that city. Each suburbs has a list of tables within

The Местный (locality) level also presents an alphabetical selection for the name of the city, only within that letter and subsequent lists of cities, there is a list of city's localities.

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