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Project definition

Project name

  • ideally something that works in multi languages and describes the project
  • concepts: open participatory understanding, developing, and linking of health services

Working title: OSSS (Opening/Ouvert Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux).

English description

OSSS is an open participatory project to more easily locate and better understand Montreal health and social services using accessible, no-cost web based facilities. It fills gaps left by fragmented services and ensures quality and completeness through Wikipedia-style public participation. The objective is to provide a useful model to help improve the efficiency, effectiveness and experience of public health services.

Description français

OSSS est un projet participatif ouvert à repérer plus facilement et de mieux comprendre la santé et des services sociaux de Montréal à l'aide accessible, installations web pas fondés sur les coûts. Il comble les lacunes laissées par la fragmentation des services et assure la qualité et l'exhaustivité grâce à la participation du public Wikipedia-style. L'objectif est de fournir un modèle utile pour aider à améliorer l'efficience, l'efficacité et l'expérience des services de santé publique.


The project will focus on constructively contributing to a better, more consolidated health system for end users. It will avoid any costs, instead focusing on contributed skills and Internet resources. It will be run in a transparent manner, relying mostly on open online communications. An accessible and multi lingual interface will be a key concept. It will focus on linking existing resources and potentially developing constructive two-way communications. Developed material will be made available for other projects. Being made completely redundant by vastly improved public health information would be an excellent outcome, although this outcome is unlikely as the public system can't be self-critical.

Examples - Ontario portal for health services

Establish validity and opportunities

For convenience, the project could be hosted by Visible Government, an established, registered non profit advocacy group. David is the ED of VG.

  1. Contact official health organizations for statements on what relevant plans are, and information that is available and can be used
    1. Health Montreal
    2. MSSS
      1. access to information
    3. Quebec Ombudsman
    4. - patient navigators - commercial?
  2. Contact interested parties who would like to be involved
    1. Baj — Sasha: prof of public health at McGIll (Gilles Paradins)
    2. Catherine — patient advocacy groups
    3. People to help crowdsource information scraping, phone calls or in-person
    4. Government
      1. Federal — MP Freeman? (open data committee)
  3. Identify other important contributors
    1. Legal

Opening letter

We are a not for profit group with specialties in information design, the health system, language and accessibility, and are interested indeveloping no-cost online health resources for the Montreal region. We understand the health system as it is today is strained and fragmented, but clearly information should be easier to find as the Internet becomes a more important information source for many people.

A major component of this project is consolidating hospital and clinic information, as well as including information such as facilities, number of clinicians, and so on. Can you let us know any plans from your organization to develop this type of resource? We're willing to manually source and enter this information, but would like to know if there are any official information sources we could use. Our goal is to constructively engage, link and develop this information. We understand this initial contact may need to be forwarded to find the appropriate person.

Create an initial version

Based on

  1. Create a simpler front end with more explanation
  2. Add Montreal clinics/CLSCs -- pick an area to focus on - Metro Parc ex - CDN (Montagne)
    1. All clinics
    2. Walk in hours
    3. Number of doctors
    4. Typical wait time
    5. X-ray, pharmacie
    6. Try to get at least one on-board
  3. Link or develop educational resources about how to navigate the system, patient advocacy, how to constructively complain
    1. Focus on primary care
    2. Add experience and expertise blogs/directory
  4. Allow adding and editing additional health resources
    1. Checking system
  5. Link it to Facebook
  6. The experience of using different clinics
    1. Guided comments and ratings

Successive features

  1. Sketch in useful features from other projects
    1. - surgical wait times - contact to see if we can re-use materials?


Meetings will show up here that are part of [[Category:Meetings]].

Meeting Feb 25, 2011