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Ideas for improving individual healthcare, Development

In non-consolidated areas, finding local health services can be complicated. This site provides a simple interface to find nearby services. In recent mobile and desktop Web browsers, the current location will be identified, or it can be manually entered. Then the nearest services will be identified. Individuals can also enter comments about their experiences about service providers.

Select the service type and enter your location. The list of services is not complete; enter submissions here.

For emergency services, statistics are provided, where available to help individuals find the best provider. The statistics are scraped from

As the app is under development, if you're having problems viewing the page, here's a screenshot:

Screenshot of services finder app

data access


five year projection

To do

  • Already existing projects?
  • French and other languages
  • Design
  • Usability
  • Use open street maps
  • Accessibility
  • Contact official service providers for data and hosting opportunities
  • Enter (scrape?) borough information
  • 24 hour pharmacies
  • Use travel distance